About Me

Originally for Aberdeenshire, Scotland, I am now based in southern Stockholm where I live with my husband, children and a black cat.

Educated in Scottish Language and Literature at Glasgow University (2003-2007), I have travelled widely and lived and worked in Spain, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. 

I am a visual first thinker, with a strong background in the arts. I have worked with some of Scotland’s most renowned artists at Kilmorack Gallery, Post-War and Urban Art Prints at the Aberfeldy Watermill, with dance theatre at Plan B collaborative Theatre and with some of the world’s finest writers at Moniack Mhor. 

I am fluent in Swedish and was once fluent in Spanish. I love all things language. 

In 2008 I was awarded a Peter Kirk Travel Scholarship to spend some time in Southern Spain examining the notion of duende in Flamenco culture and contemporary art. 

In 2013, following a 25 day rafting expedition through the Grand Canyon, I began working on my first full length work of narrative non-fiction. If you would like to know more about the book, please email me.